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Why should I use Flexi LogiPro?

Inventory operation and material handling have been one of the most labor-intensive and costly activities for every warehouse, and is estimated to account for as much as 20% of the total supply chain expense.

The use of mobile devices and barcode scanning in the warehouse have been shown to reduce this cost by increasing user efficiency, reducing user errors, and improving inventory accuracy and user mobility.

Flexi LogiPro delivers an innovative mobile solution for Oracle WMS Cloud and SCM Cloud.
The transactions can be performed on handheld scanner or smartphone, and will be interfaced real time to Oracle WMS Cloud or SCM Cloud. The real time nature of these transactions increases inventory visibility and accuracy, and reduces paperwork.

How is Flexi LogiPro licensed?

Per named user

Can we build new transaction with Flexi LogiPro?

Yes, Flexi LogiPro comes with a Flexi Studio that allows creation of new screen through drag and drop.

Can Flexi LogiPro run in customer on-premise infrastructure?

Yes, this is possible as well.

Does it support 2D barcode?

Yes, Flexi LogiPro comes with an advanced barcode parsing engine which can capture multiple data points in a 1D or 2D barcode in a single scan.

Will Flexi LogiPro continue to work with new updates from Oracle?

Yes, besides working hard to add new features and support more transactions, we also make sure our solution continue to work with the regular updates from Oracle.

Does Flexi LogiPro support Telnet or SSH client?

Yes, we realize some customers are still happy with text-based screen, so Flexi LogiPro works with Telnet and SSH client as well.

Does it work with 3rd party solutions for label or parcel shipping?

Yes, Flexi LogiPro can integreate with other systems such a enterprise label solution and more. We support integrations through web service, TCP/IP and JDBC.

Is data communication secure in Flexi LogiPro?

We use TLS (SSL v2) to secure the communication between Flexi client and Flexi server. 


What is included with Flexi LogiPro license?

Infra, Platform, Application and Support


Can we do a Proof of Concept?

Yes, we can work with you for a POC to make sure our solution works for you.

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